Littlebits - Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit - pt 3

Printing started Tuesday morning on the new R5 dome....

But the PC 'shut down', (over night printing) so it didn't get to finish. Will look at the support structure and possibly re-design it into the build to save time and filament.

8 hours, the time taken is mostly due to the support structure, which we hadn't considered as the program doesn't actually show what the support structure will look like, neither does it give you a print time, which might also indicate it's going to take forever to print! :D

Looks like it maybe next week now, till the printer is 'free' to try again.

Bristol Builder Paul Felski with his R2D2 - Part 2.1

Here's the video & pictures to Paul's appearance on
BBC Points West, (UK views) from last night (18.10.2017).

The link (click below) is to the

Well done mate 😎


98K Blogs hits.....WOW part 2!


.....was only a week ago that I posted up that people viewing this Blog had reached 97,000 hits.

And now, you've hit the 98,000! Big thanks everyone :)

I hope people find this Blog useful and informative or even light entertainment lol. R5's got a few events coming up in the next few months, so keep an eye out for these Blog updates.

Plus he's on Twitter & Instagram (click links to head over to them). Not forgetting R5's Facebook page. Instagram usually goes live first (as it's easy) then this Blog will get full details & more pics at next available time.

Comment below to say which social you follow.


Bristol Builder Paul Felski with his R2D2 - Part 2

After Paul appeared on 'Made in Bristol' TV program a few weeks back.

He was then contacted by our local News channel to appear on our regional show.

Due to appear tomorrow, Wednesday 18th October 2017 on BBC Points West.

I'll post up with how it all went, probably on Thursday. Good luck Paul.

New Dome - 3D printing parts - holo projector eye **Sanding**

To be fare, the printing wasn't that bad. I started off with a small file to take off the tops of the ridges, but soon got on with just using sand paper. Quite a course one, but soon found this did as good a job as the file. Next up I switched over to Silicon Carbide finishing paper 177. This stuff got the surface super smooth in no time. Still a way to go, but with filler/primer spray, this finish state could be good enough. I'll see.
holo projector eye
(Pic shows lower cowl for this picture for support)
The two parts (body & upper cowl) don't 'catch' when you rotate them together. . You can see the sanded (grey) print compared to the 'nozzle' ridged area.


Littlebits - Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit - pt 2

With loads of people & Littlebits on Instagram, posting up pics of creations for their droids, I thought I needed something 'special' to modify the droid for the kids.

The plan was this weekend to get the kids to build it, but as always plans changed so hopefully, this weekend coming......plus I'll have the dome done by then as well.

There can be only one.....as Colin MacLeod once said, lol (Highlander film peeps), modification that this droid needs.......so I drew up an R5-D4 dome.

I did it simple, (tho it now doesn't look simple in this pic), but picked out his main recognisable details lol, three big 'eyes', neck detail and gave him a mini antenna. This is version 4 attempt, couldn't help myself lol.

Will post up pics once printed.....

New Dome - 3D printing parts - holo projector eye

Downloaded the stl files from the Builders section, www.astromech.net, and asked Steve, my co worker (who has the 3D printer program), to start printing off a holo projector eye.

Parts 1 & 2, upper and lower cowl pieces were done in a few hours, but had to wait till the next day for the main piece to be finished printed.

Pics bottom, with support raft in first picture, second shows support raft removed.

Next up was the upper cowl part.
This didn't take long to print at all. So my Steve was able to start printing the main body.
All are in the process of being sanded, filed and generally smoothed as best possible, before I'll start primer/filler spraying them up.

Next up was to source a cabochon for the lens......3D print one perhaps?

But my friend Glynn saw my Instagram post and has offered me some, they're now in the post to me, thanks mate, much appreciated!


Feel The Force Day 5 - Peterborough 2017 **Event Report - Part 2**

There were stage shows on throughout the day, plus radio Peterborough were reporting live from the event.

As with most event's, we don't get time to take many pictures, but I did manage some of our mini area, including members of Joker Squad.
Agent Peggy Carter (Joker Squad) with R5
If I've told him once, I've told him a thousand times not to talk to strange droids.....

members of Joker Squad

R2-PHT & R5-D4
There were lots of people, some even dressing up for the event. The other side rooms had sense areas for touch and smell, as well as craft making area, Jedi training as well as lots more. The weather was great outside for people to look over the cars etc.

Standing up all day tho takes it's toll, and by 5pm myself and Glynn (R2-PHT) called time. Both having extremely long journeys home. Adam with his R2 & Wall-e, stayed till the end.

Another great time had by attending and people displaying/cosplaying alike. Check out their website link, for links to their Facebook page etc.